Why Total Living Drinks

The importance of consuming the right amount of vegetables and fruits is well known. The last years we all have seen a growing demand and interest in making all different kind of smoothies at home.

A lot of households started very enthousiastic. A slow juicer was bought and experiments were carried out to find the right taste and other results. Bags full of fruits and vegetables were used, preferably from biological origin, to prevent possible pesticides in your colorful smoothie. The end result often was a disappointing glas of juice, and a lot of pulp being thrown away. Not to talk about the cleaning afterwards of all the equipment used. After a while all the stuff was sold on E-bay…..
Just imagine to easily convert phytonutrients of the amount of 7-10 portions biological vegetables and fruits, into a healthy smoothie! This is possible with met Total Living Drinks (TLD). No pulp in your glass but the freeze-dried juice, only good soluble and available ingredients.
An easy, delicious and healtyy step in you daily food menu.
A perfect choice to replace 1 meal per day. This meal contains 9 different categories of healthy food ingredients, needed for your daily health maintenance and vitality. Stay in control with your energy and save money with the best complete super-food formula there is.

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What is Total Living Drinks exactly?

It is not a special dietary food but a superfood: normal food, full of phytonutrients with health promoting properties. The product as such is unique because of the very large variety of ingredients in one bag. Simply spoken, nutrient rich calories contributing to a healthy life style. Wether you take half a scoop per day (20 gram) next to your meals and a hand full of supplements, or you replace a whole meal per day with 1 scoop (40 gram). In both ways you get a broad range of healthy food ingredients in an easy way and for a reasonable price! Pure, concentrated food in one glass.

Each serving of Total Living Drink contains:

  • Protein – to build lean muscle
  • Fruits, and vegetables, grasses and algae – loaded with life-giving nutrients and nutrient dense calories
  • Enzymes – for better digestion and caloric utilization
  • Probiotics – for a healthy bowel ecosystem
  • Amino acids – for overall health and energy
  • Antioxidants – for enhanced immune function
  • Herbs – for intestinal, blood and internal organ cleansing
  • Vitamins – the building blocks of nutrition
  • Minerals – to sustain life and improve bodily functions

Can I loose weight with Total Living Drinks ?

Yes, You can. But please realize, weight loss and control is a complex process which can not be solved by eating less! Most diets focussing on structural calorie loss  all make the same mistake: it leads to a delay in the resting metabolism of the body. The famous jojo effect is the end result.

An effective way is intermittent fasting, as developed by the English doctor and documentary maker at the BBC, Dr Michael Mosley. The combination of Total Living Drinks with the 2:5 Fasting Diet is very effective, you will not have nutritional losses, and it is a very easy method. No counting of calories, no time consuming recipes, but on just 2 days a shake with Total Living Drinks

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Is Total Living Drinks a dietary product?
AnswerTotal Living Drinks is no dietary product, but can be used like any other type of food to reduce weight. Just receive less calories in your body then you burn every day.
Question What kind of ingredients are present in Total Living Drinks?
AnswerTotal Living Drinks contains 9 different product categories: proteins, vitamins minerals, amino acids, vegetables and fruits, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes and herbs. The complete list of ingredients can be found with the product description in our web-shop. The vitamin and mineral listing is according to the official advice of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
Question What about allergies?
AnswerGood Point!

Total Living Drinks is lactose free and peanut free. We are working hard to make the product gluten free. We hope to have solved this soon.

Question I am a vegetarian, what now?
AnswerThis is no problem. Total Living Drinks does not contain animal derived ingrediënts.
Question How many smoothies do I drink per day?
AnswerThis is something you decide yourself. It is being advised to replace 1 meal per day by Total Living Drinks with one scoop (40 g). It also possible to use the product as an extra with your daily food when your are completely healthy and replace your daily portion of food supplements (20-40 g/day).
Question How do I prepare the smoothie?
AnswerThis is very easy. Take the amount you would like to consume and add it to a glass of water or fruit juice, shake it, done! Mixing the powder with the juice from 2 oranges and 1 lemon is also a often used combination.