Why we need Magnesium bicarbonate

Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, plays a role in bone growth, supports the energy metabolism and helps in the maintenance of a normal balance in water and mineral concentrations in the human body. Magnesium helps in decreasing fatigue feelings. An adult body contains approximately 25 g magnesium, with 50% to 60% present in the bones and most of the rest in soft tissues.
In daily work and exercise / sport, Magnesium plays a fundamental role in optimal muscle  functions and energy metabolism. Magnesium and Calcium are antagonists. This means that a high concentration of Magnesium helps the body to excrete Calcium from the soft tissues.

The pH in your body is controlled by bicarbonates

Apart from a high Magnesium usage, the muscles produces acids. These acids have to be removed from the muscles by the body. Research shows that for optimal performance and well-being, the body’s pH level must be slightly alkaline (pH 7.4). If your body’s pH is not balanced, you cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and food supplements.
Sodium Bicarbonate can rapidly alkalize your body far more effectively than diet, but it can’t be continued long term because of the excess sodium. Magnesium Bicarbonate has no such problems and can be used long term but has the same ability to radically alkalize your body.  A great part of our daily food intake has an acidifying effect on our body, and the body’s natural solution to excess acid is to buffer it with bicarbonate and to this end it produces its own bicarbonate. With the onslaught of acidity from foods and stress along with decreasing ability of the body to keep up with buffering all this acidity our bodies often cannot keep up adequately with sufficient production of bicarbonates (especially true as we age or if we have a chronic stress).

This is where Relaxxx Drink comes in providing the body with a form of Magnesium bicarbonate that is taken directly into the cells at therapeutic levels.

What is Relaxxx water exactly?

Relaxxx water is unique in that both minerals  which are needed by the body but rarely found together in nature are now combined in one bottle. The bottle is a concentrated stock solution, containing 35 or 50 g/L Magnesium Bicarbonate. With a daily use of 30 ml Relaxxx diluted in 1 liter (carbonated) mineral water (preferably with as less Calcium and Sodium as possible), you provide your body with 1,06 or 1,52 gram soluble Magnesium bicarbonate per day.

How to prepare the Magnesium Bicarbonate Drink

  • Store the stock solution in the refrigerator.
  • Carefully open the bottle and take 30 ml (1 cup), mix it with 1 liter of cold (carbonated, flavoured) water.
  • Drink 1 liter of this drink per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question How long after opening the magnesium bicarbonate concentrate bottle does it last at good effectiveness if kept refrigerated between openings?
AnswerThe bottle will last until there appears a white deposit on the bottom or 6 months, whichever comes first. The white deposit on the bottom will not show up if the opening instructions on the label are carefully followed. If a white deposit appears, it is magnesium carbonate,  there are many people who will metabolize it poorly. However, some carbonation is lost every time the bottle is open, so, we recommend that at least 30 ml of relaXXX concentrate or more be carefully poured into 1 liter of water, each time the bottle is opened. This means that the bottle will last for 4-6 weeks openings or more, when the instructions are followed. Of course, once the relaxxx concentrate has been diluted into drinking water, this drink is effective for many weeks, if kept away from excessive heat or light.
Question How does Magnesium bicarbonate concentrate decalcify tissues?
AnswerWhen you dilute 30 ml of concentrate in 1 liter of water you generaly drink drink 4 glasses a day of this therapeutic strength Magnesium Bicarbonate Water, you will be getting 1060 mg of magnesium bicarbonate chelated mineral complex which has the biological activity of 180 mg of ionized Magnesium ++. These are so powerful that it dissolves the calcium eggs that have formed over a lifetime.
Question When can we cut back to a maintenance dose of concentrate in water?
AnswerWhen you have succeeded in eliminating all the excess of Calcium using  relaxxx water, you can revert to the maintenance strength of Magnesium bicarbonate water of 15 or 8 ml concentrate per liter per day. To make sure of your Calcium status, we advice you to carry out a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to determine your Calcium / Magnesium ratio.
Question Why do I not taste any carbonation? I thought the bicarbonates diminished when the carbonation goes away?
AnswerOnce the concentrate is diluted down to drinking concentration of 1140 ppm or less, the chelated magnesium bicarbonate clusters are quite stable.
Question I have a SodaStream at home which I can make my own carbonated water. Can I use the magnesium bicarbonate concentrate to prepare the drink?
AnswerYes You can! Only what was in the initial magnesium bicarbonate solution, but no additional bicarbonate will be created.

Here is a recipe: start with 30 ml. therapeutic strength refrigerated relaxxx water. Process this in the Soda Stream with 900 ml water to carbonate it. (3-5 sprigs). Add 70 ml of any fresh fruit juice or reconstituted juice from frozen fruit juice concentrate or mixtures of juices.

Question Can I use magnesium bicarbonate finished water to use in juices, with fruit powders, lemon, tea or other flavored drinks?
AnswerYes and you will find that you will need less flavoring since the magnesium bicarbonate intensifies all flavors. This may be a cost savings for you. It also mixes well with natural juices such as lemon or grape juice. It is OK to mix in fruit powders, fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates, lemon juice, or lemon juice concentrate.
Question I drink it throughout the day including with meals. Is that allowed or does it dilute the effects?
AnswerIt is quite all right but it is best if you drink it between meals as the product is slight alkaline and can weaken the stomach acid for folks that produce very little of their own stomach acid.
Question Is there any problem with drinking the concentrate if there is compromised kidney function? Magnesium is generally not efficiently excreted via kidneys with severe kidney insufficiency, so magnesium is usually restricted as magnesium toxicity can build up. Bicarbonates are encouraged though to help excrete acids. So should people with impaired kidney function or renal failure not use this magnesium bicarbonate water?
AnswerThere is no doubt that therapeutic strength MagBicarb Water can stress a malfunctioning kidney. This is why we tell you on the label to contact a doctor or practitioner if you have a kidney malfunction. In this case you should stick to maintenance dosage of (8 ml Relaxxx water per liter of water) until such time as their kidney function improves or if you are supervised by knowledgeable practitioners.
Question Generally carbonated drinks are very acidic, isn’t this counterproductive when drinking magnesium bicarbonate concentrate which is also carbonated?
AnswerMagBicarb concentrate is alkaline with a pH of above 7.
It is not recommended to drink the Relaxxx water concentrate. When the concentrate is properly diluted to therapeutic strength, the resulting water is quite compatible with the carbonation in carbonated drinks. In other words, all acidity is NOT created equal: dissolved CO2 (also called H2CO3 or H-HCO3 or hydrogen bicarbonate) does not damage MagBicarb Water.