Why is the removal of toxic compounds from your body so important?

From the early start of your life, your body is exposed to all kind of different toxic heavy metals. These compounds are poorly water soluble, so the process of intake and accumulation goes very slow. But sooner or later, the heavy metals are responsible for imbalances in the physiology in your body, because they do block vital parts of receptors. Common toxic metals are Copper, Mercury, Lead, Aluminium, Arsenicum, Borium, Lithium, Cadmium, Nickel, Cobalt, Molybdenum.

Apart from the exposure to heavy metals, you body is exposed to PCB’s pesticides, herbicides, and viruses. They have in common that they weaken your immune system.

Biomore has a very effect detox solution for your body; fulvic acid. This molecule has a vere versatile function by binding all kind al molecules, and transporting it through your body. It  results in an elimination of all kind of unwanted molecules, especially those who are deposited in the tissues and poorly soluble!

What is Fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is one of two classes of humic acidic, organic compounds found in the earth’s soils and bodies of water. Over the past several decades, we’ve learned a lot more about how humic substances found in dirt, including fulvic acid, can actually improve human gut health and therefore immune functions.

Acquiring enough electrolytes and other trace minerals is important for proper metabolic functions, digestive health and nutrient assimilation. Besides providing raw nutrients, fulvic acid transports minerals and other nutrients to cells more effectively, boosts absorption rate of nutrients by making cells more permeable, and plays an important role in the digestive organs.

Another benefit of taking fulvic acid as a supplement is that it helps restore the body’s optimal pH level. By alkalizing the body and preventing an overly acidic environment from forming, humic acids might be able to help maintain the blood pH in your body.

Humic acids are beneficial for digestion and improving energy because of their detoxifying abilities. Humic acids are capable of binding to toxins and metals that enter the body through the food supply, water, prescription medications, household products and air pollution.

Fulvic acids contain antioxidants that counter the effects of free radicals and also help detoxify the body of many toxins that contribute to the problem: chemicals used in agriculture, radioactive waste and heavy metals, for example. It also helps extend the permeability and life of cells by providing electrolytes that have numerous functions within the heart, muscles, brain and digestive tract.

How does Fulvic acid work??

Its structure is made up of aromatic, organic polymers with many carboxyl groups that release hydrogen ions, resulting in an electric charge that helps attract free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins within the body, allowing it to act like a ‘cleaning’ agent. Once it becomes reactive with metals, fulvic acid helps them become more soluble in water, which means they’re carried out of the body more easily.

As a major source of key electrolytes and antioxidants, it’s been shown to improve various cellular processes, muscle functions, digestive abilities, heart and brain health. Fulvic acid helps cells absorb the amount of minerals they need and discard of waste by acting as an ion transporter.

2 product versions – both unique and effective

wellness drink stock solution to be diluted before use, and used as drink. You can choose for water, or carbonated water, and even a fruit juice. Drink 1 liter diluted Fulvic acid during the day.

An inhalation stock solution, to be diluted before use and to be inhaled. This product is specifically designed for cleaning your sines. The sinus is a cavity within a bone or other tissue, especially one in the bones of the face or skull connecting with the nasal cavities.

Why is Biomore Fulvic acid so unique?

Over the years, people used natural sources for using fulvic acid. Due to the world wide pollution in nature with heavy metals, PCB’s, pesticides and herbicides, it is not possible anymore to find really clean sources. Nowadays, all nature derived fulvic acids are contaminated, which makes the product less valuable then 100 years ago. Once toxic metals are bound by this molecule, it is impossible to remove it. So instead of a detox, your body is exposed with molecules you actually want to remove!

We therefore have developed a process where fulvic acid is produced as 100% clean and free of heavy metals, PCB, pesticides and herbicides. We are the only company selling this product in Europe.


✔️   Improves the bioavailability of food ingredients

✔️   Helps releasing heavy metals, PCB’s en pesticides from the body

✔️    Inhalation formula for the sinus

✔️    Drink formula for body tissues and organs